Former UFC heavyweight champ Junior Dos Santos is usually lukewarm in fight buildups but his clash with Tai Tuivasa in South Australia has proven to be different. Dos Santos is on fire and for the oddest of reasons. Here’s what he told Sporting News…

In his last fight, with Arlovski, when Bruce Buffer was introducing him, he said he represents street fighting. I was watching the fight last night, and saw that and was like ‘what?! That’s not even a martial art’.

I thought I was fighting against a martial artist, but that’s not the case. I want to know more about this, and one day I’ll ask him.

To represent street fighting…that’s just stupid. Who fights in the streets? It’s not even fair. That’s a coward. Street fighting is not a martial art, it doesn’t exist. How can someone represent street fighting? That’s bullsh*t.

Everyone, all the gyms around the world, are fighting against that – against this kind of stupid thing, this coward thing. It doesn’t exist. You’re not a street fighter, you’re a coward. These people who fight in the streets don’t really know how to fight.

Come to a real gym, face a real fighter and you’ll get your ass kicked. And if this guy, Tai Tuivasa, is really a street fighter, that’s what he’s going to have…he’s going to have his ass kicked by me on December 2 in Adelaide.

If you asked us what would set Junior Dos Santos off we would not have put our money on claiming your style is “street fighting”.


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