Golden Boy is stepping in to the MMA promotion arena on November 24th. They are bringing us the third bout between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz that was promised to us back at UFC 115. Ortiz pulled out with an injury and former middleweight champion Rich Franklin stepped in to take his place. Unfortunately for Liddell he was knocked out cold by Rich in the first round with just five seconds to go. Unbeknownst to Liddell he had broken Franklin’s arm and had the round finished the fight would have been stopped by the doctor. ‘The Iceman’ was forced to retire and we never thought we would see him fight again.

Tito on the other hand would stay active until January of 2017 with a solid 3-1 run to finish his career out. His final fight was a submission win over Chael Sonnen making it a truly memorable ending. Another chance to avenge his two losses to Chuck presented itself when Golden Boy came knocking and it easily drew him out of retirement.

The paydays for the two will probably be fat because being honest we will be watching this event along with many others. Chuck vs Tito in their 70’s would probably still be able to draw with Ortiz fans wanting him to finally get revenge and Liddell’s fans praying for another KO notch on his belt.

Golden Boy has submitted an updated card for the event and you can check it out below. Interesting to note that there are amateur bouts on the already full card (via MMAFighting).

Main Card

Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz

Kenneth Bergh vs. Jorge Gonzalez

Gleison Tibau vs. Efrain Escudero

Walel Watson vs. Ricardo Palacios

Deron Winn vs. Tom Lawlor

Jay Silva vs. Oscar Cota


Tom Gallicchio vs. Jason Manly (swing)

Jose Huerta vs. Francisco Estrada

Fernie Garcia vs. TBD

Dave Terrel vs. Johnny Cisneros

Craig Wilkerson vs. Joshua Jones (swing)

Westin Wilson vs. Leandro Gomes (swing)

Amateur Bouts

Joshua Kim vs. Johnny Robles

Fred Colbert vs. Juan Soto

Jonathan Kim vs. Mauro Gutierrez

Tyler Schafer vs. Mariana Avila

Julianna Miller vs. Jasmine Pouncy

Will you be watching?

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