WWE Smackdown is moving to the FOX channel in October of next year and fans are getting more excited about it after the reports that have been coming out. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter the comedy shtick that Vince McMahon favors may be over and done with after the Fox era begins.

Fox officials have mercifully stepped in and will attempt to try and return the program to its former glory. The brand used to feature crisp story lines, athletic contests, and bigger than life personalities. It has devolved in to a bad comedy show packed with commercial breaks, poorly written talking segments, and inconsistent booking. What Fox wants is for stars to be established, a return to pro wrestling style matches, and cross promotion with said WWE stars for their new sports programming. They want to present the wrestling as something that showcases WWE as a hard hitting show full of strong moves, acrobatic maneuvers, and filled with energy.

The crossovers with Total Divas and the lengthy promos are allegedly on the chopping block as well. If this is true many fans including me just might begin watching again.


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