Brock Lesnar showed up in a suit and confronted light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier after DC’s historic win at UFC 226. Lesnar hasn’t been seen in The Octagon since his fight with Mark Hunt at UFC 200 he initially won – and then tested positive for clomiphene prompting it to be ruled a no contest instead. In his last three Brock is 0-2-1 whereas Cormier has won 6 of his last 7. It’s head scratching levels of WTF that Lesnar can come back and get a title shot while jumping ahead of legit contenders, or a Stipe Miocic vs DC rematch. Still, it is what it is…

Here at the latest odds for the expected bout according to Bovada:

Daniel Cormier (-275)

Brock Lesnar (+215)

What do you think? Are these accurate?

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