We’re always keeping an eye out for new products to enhance our life and Passion 4 Life’s Liquid Minerals & Vitamins certainly fits the bill. We tried out their 30 fl oz bottle which is packed with 135 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. It is gluten and wheat-free, and contains no caffeine or added sugar. Liquid vitamins are a great alternative to hard vitamin pills and tablets, which are often hard to swallow and sometimes difficult to absorb in the digestive tract.

It’s simple to take as you only need a cap full a day and you feel as though you just ingested a dose of liquid sunshine. The citrusy-orange flavor tastes great and had us starting our days feeling energized while knowing we had just given our bodies a powerful boost of nutrients. Take a look at everything packed inside.

If getting all you vitamins and minerals in one quick and easy drink wasn’t enough reason to give them a try check out the mission statement of Passion 4 Life’s 76-year-young creator and formulator, Charles Van Kessler:

“I created Passion 4 Life for ME! At age 2 I was placed in a state-run orphanage after the Nazis took my entire family. Suffering malnutrition and horrific abuse, I needed something later in life to improve my own health. After it worked so well for me, I decided to share it with the world. It has been my life’s mission to turn my tragic beginning in life into a story of reinvention and hope by combining the 2 things I lacked in life – good nutrition and someone to care as a portion of the vitamin profits helps fund our children’s charity, Passion 4 K.I.D.S. We are a ‘Vitamin with a Mission’ “

What an amazing story of how one man took a horrific incident and was able to use it as a catalyst for something beautiful. So not only are you supporting your own good health and longevity by using Passion 4 Life, a portion of the proceeds go to their charity Passion 4 K.I.D.S. that helps kids in desperate situations. You can feel good knowing you are helping yourself as well as others in need when you use Passion 4 Life’s product.

Right now they have a special running at passion4lifevitamins.com ($29.95) and for less than a dollar a day you can get a month’s supply. If you want to make sure you are getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, and help others at the same time, Passion 4 Life’s 30 fl oz bottle is a great and convenient way to do it!

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