Conor McGregor workout tips: The Spinal Wave

If you want to live like a baller then you have to do what ballers do. And who’s balling harder than UFC lightweight champ Conor McGregor right now? The Irish MMA superstar is making the crossover to boxing and is about to go toe-to-toe with 49-0 Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Aug. 26 in the biggest combat sports event the world has ever seen. “Mystic Mac” has a knack for manifesting his dreams and if he shocks the world against Mayweather it will no doubt be his largest and most impressive reality manifesting moment to date! How does he do it? … One thing he does, which has been documented extensively, is implement the use of movement training specialist Ido Portal. And if you have followed Conor’s career like we have, you know one of his daily training techniques is what is called the spinal wave.

“Your body is in the same spot all the time,” McGregor has explained in the past. “What happens is people jump out of bed, brush their teeth, stuff their faces with food, make their way to the gym, barely warm up, do 10 rounds, go home, rest, eat, go back to the gym. You can just feel that body locking. I’m waking up and the first thing I’m doing now is spinal waves. I can actually hear it. … It’s like you’re loosening the cobwebs. And it’s been paying off for me.”

London Real’s Brian Rose recently spent some time with Portal and shows you just how the spinal wave is done in this video. Try it out daily for a time and see if you too can start manifesting the reality you want.