miesha tate photo shootFormer UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate recently shared her thoughts on Angela Magana getting punched by Cris Cyborg at the UFC Fighters Summit. Tate feels the “bully” Magana got what was coming and wished Cyborg would have punched her even harder.

Here’s Tate’s full statement on the incident:

“That was a great day for me, I thought it was wonderful. I wish she would have punched Angela harder. Yeah, Angela is a bully, you know? She’s like a child who never grew up. It’s not right and I think that there should be harsher consequences for people who publicly bully people on the internet in person, everything. So, I think she had it coming, and I don’t blame Cyborg a bit. I hope that the legal system looks at everything, because she [Magana] really had it coming. So I’m Team Cyborg all the way with that.”

After the police were called Cyborg was given a citation for battery according to reports. Also, Magana said she plans to sue Cyborg for medical bills incurred as a result of the incident.

HT: MMA Junkie

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