Former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw

Former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw has responded to flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson’s recent statements about not wanting to fight him. Dillashaw wants to move down to the 125-pound division to try and keep “Mighty Mouse” from breaking Anderson Silva’s successful title defense record. Dillashaw makes a good case for the fight, but so far Demetrious is sticking to his guns because he feels he’s been mistreated by the promotion and doesn’t like the way they have handled the whole situation. But Dillashaw has a different take on things.

“For him to go and discredit my name and the things that I’ve accomplished just to not be worthy of a title shot kind of pissed me off a little bit,” said Dillashaw. “And it’s kind of embarrassing to have him go and call himself the GOAT, to be the greatest of all time and turning down fights because he’s scared to fight. He can say whatever he wants to say about all his other issues he has and being bullied – which, I don’t understand how the greatest of all time gets bullied – but it all comes down to him being scared of me beating him. He knows that I’m a bad matchup for him and that it’s a fight that he does not want.”

Listen to TJ’s full interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto below where he gives his views on the proposed matchup, why he doesn’t feel bad about jumping in front of Ray Borg and why he feels the fight with Dillashaw makes sense. Oh, and he agrees to pay Demetrious his whole fight purse if he misses weight.

Dillashaw has been trying to goad “Mighty Mouse” into the fight on social media as well.

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