cyborg vs magana

UFC strawweight Angela Magana tells TMZ that Cris Cyborg is facing felony assault charges following their incident at the UFC fighter retreat last weekend when the former featherweight champ slugged Magana after heated words were exchanged. She also said she has retained a lawyer and will be suing Cyborg over medical expenses incurred from the incident. The feud stemmed from comments Magana had made about Cyborg on social media. While many fighters have sided with Cyborg, Magana maintains that fighters need to have thicker skin and not get all bent out of shape over the online trolling.

“She’s accusing me of cyber-bullying but how many fighters would be in trouble for that… if it’s something that can be said between fighters, you have to have some type of a mental toughness, a mental dexterity to be a fighter. Especially this day and age with things like Twitter and social media. I mean, she gets what she has coming. She’s a cheater. … You f*cked up big time. You can’t do what you did. Now I’m gonna get you as hard as I can get you.”

Cyborg has claimed there is a bullying culture within the organization and the teasing and taunting she has received about the way she looks comes from the top down. What do you think?

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