Cris Cyborg

The UFC held a fighters retreat over the weekend and had all their stars in one location for festivities. As can happen when a lot of professional fighters are in close proximity, eventually someone runs into someone else who’s been talking sh*t and it’s time to pay up. This is what went down when Angela Magana and Cris Cyborg bumped into one another. Cyborg confronted her most likely about that inappropriate Instagram post, Magana snapped back and then Cris socked her in the jaw. Check out the video below.

Magana said afterward that the UFC called the police and after talking to them she decided to press charges. She also implied that Cyborg could lose her job with the promotion and that she might sue.

It should be pointed out that Cyborg fights at a few weight classes above Magana, but if you’re going to poke the bear, prepare to get bit. The good news is Magana’s chin held up to a bare-fisted shot from Cyborg! That’s pretty tough.

It’s been reported that Cyborg also had some words for former middleweight champ Chris Weidman shortly following the incident with Magana.

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