Remember, these statements are being treated as rumors and the source would only speak under the protection of anonymity. We cannot independently verify these statements, but do see value in them. One of the big discussion points was the baffling booking of matches today. Here’s what he said:

The booking issues are a combination of a number of things. The creative team may have ideas, but they are under scrutiny by things like if they are family friendly and how much merch they can sell. You see guys like (Roman) Reigns being booed out of the building. The reason he is being shoved down your throats is how good he looks on TV. How they can use him like they did John (Cena).

Stephanie McMahon was a big pusher for charities and Cena was the guy, the face for some of them. Remember her tweet? The one about charity being the new marketing? Well, that’s why they have to stay PG. The PR they get from being involved with those make the media happy and make the shareholders happy. That’s why booking is like it is. They have stockholders now and people on all sorts of committees.

Look, the bottom line is that Vince McMahon sometimes Stephanie are the ones that are making the booking decisions. If Vince wants Roman shoved down your throats that is what you are getting. You saw Road Dogg tweet that wins and losses don’t matter anymore? They are treating this like a soap opera and think they are putting out NBC must see type TV. It’s insane. If wins and losses don’t matter anymore think about this. Would any of the previous era champs have been popular if they lost more than they won? No. Poor Bray Wyatt is a talented guy but no one cares anymore. He talks a lot and loses all the time. It’s a sad example of looks over talent.

What he is saying sounds true, but it could be the voice of a disgruntled employee. I personally think this nails it. What do you think?

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