TUF brasil-sonnen-wanderlei

It’s been years in the making and Bellator is finally making it happen. The bout was close to occurring many times before, but never came to pass for one reason or another. Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva are finally going to settle the score at Bellator 180.

Wanderlei was suspended for life after reportedly running from a drug test when they were opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter. Sonnen later elaborated that the person sent to test Wanderlei had no ID and worse refused to show ID even if they had one, and was acting sketchy in general. If that’s true who can blame Wand?

Sonnen and Silva exchanged words, scuffled, and got everyone’s hopes up on the show so when it fell through many were left wondering if it would ever happen. Now they will most likely sell out the event at Madison Square Garden in June.

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