Shocked Computer Nerd

It’s a dream we all share as gamers. To make an in game weapon in real life. Well, this guy wins the internet.

Alex Smyth’s “phased plasma” gun doesn’t just fire normal projectiles. It’s actually designed to fire rounds filled with ionized plasma, which in turn should explode on impact.

Here’s what Smyth had to say about his creation.

The projectiles I made for this to fire are 10 by 60 millimeter. What they are is a glass vacuum tube that’s full of neon gas, with a copper sleeve around it. So the current goes through the rails and accelerates the copper sleeve through the double helix, so it gets some spin to it. Then, the electromagnetic field in there ionizes the neon gas, so it should glow bright red. The hope is that this will be accelerated, hit the target, the glass will break, and the plasma will dissipate — hopefully blowing up one of the pumpkins.

Well done, sir. Well freaking done.

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