Friday McDojo video round up. Feel the fail.

Derp Karate

Friday and it’s time for Revenge of the McDojo!

First up we have a “7th degree” who is doing what we call self defense choreography or “attack me this way, not that way, this way”.


Here we have Black Dragon Kung fu. This appears to be their attempt to out-BJJ the art of BJJ itself. No words to describe the fail here.

Heeeere’s a good ‘un. Combat jiu jitsu for the love of all that is unholy. Another example of the attack me this way club. Hands down, side-stepping ninja BS in effect.

Check this one out if only to see the flash at the top of the screen that reads “#1 mixed martial arts school”….Just, no dammit. NO!

This is my favorite of this round. Charm City karate teaches you how to defecate on self defense. I cannot express how badly these idiots would get owned in a street fight….

Stay tuned for more McDojo fun next week!

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