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What’d you say mothertrucker?

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been making headlines recently for a number of reasons, one of them being some remarks he made about former friend and teammate Michael Bisping. Apparently¬†an issue developed between these two, according to Rampage, when Bisping made statements implicating him in a lawsuit involving a former manager.

“That’s why I said I would like to fight Bisping,” Rampage stated on his Twitch channel. “He’s a f*cking a**hole. I’ve never done anything wrong to him. You don’t do that to your teammates. He’s a cheap motherf*cker because he doesn’t like to pay his manager when he owes him money. That doesn’t have anything to do with me. In order to help his case he lies on me and gives some bullsh*t statements. I’d fight him on the playground if I knew I wouldn’t go to jail.”

Bisping responded to a fan on Twitter who posed the question of a potential fight with his former teammate:

Bisping normally fights at middleweight but has fought at light heavyweight in the past. Rampage is a solid 205-er. It is possible this fight could happen if they agree on a weight, and the storyline makes it even more intriguing, especially considering they used to train together. But Rampage is on ice for the foreseeable future, although if recent statements are any indication, if he does fight it could be on that¬†New Year’s Eve Rizin card in Japan that is to air on Spike TV — and that most definitely will not be against Michael Bisping.

… But hey, like Rampage said there’s always “the playground” as long as Bisping doesn’t call the cops.


It’s kinda sad really. Look how good a buddies these guys used to be…


See the two training together from 2010:

One thought on “Bring it on! Bisping says he’ll fight Rampage at any weight”
  1. I’d probably still pick Jackson.
    Especially if he’s genuinely angry and not just being difficult as usual.

    But I’d give Bisping more of a chance these days then before now that Jackson is generally slowing down.

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