At last weekend’s UFC Fight Night 75 card in Japan, unranked middleweight Uriah Hall stepped in as a late replacement against number six ranked Gegard Mousasi — easily the highest profile fight and biggest name Hall had been in the cage with. Round one was all Mousasi as he dominated the fight on the ground and nearly got the submission, but as round two began Hall landed a jumping spinning back kick to the face that dropped Mousasi and led to a finishing flurry of punches from Hall.

It’s an amazing kick, no doubt about it. But was it a lucky shot? After re-watching it a few times and in slow-motion which you can view below, it appears Hall had targeted the kick toward the chest area and Mousasi inadvertently and accidentally ducked into it. However, was Hall expecting him to duck into it to look for a takedown? That’s possible. What do you think?

Hall moved into the number 10 spot on the rankings after his win, while Mousasi dropped from number six to number eight. It seems odd Hall is still ranked below Mousasi, but there you have it.

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