What do you think of Anderson “The Spider” Silva? Do you believe that he is one of the best MMA fighters in the world? rated him as one of the top fighters, and there’s even a special DraftKings Promo Code for his fights.

There is no denying that this Brazilian is master counter striker. In fact, it’s quite possible that he may be the best kickboxer in MMA history. He has developed a vast arsenal of techniques over the years, due to his training in different martial arts like Muay Thai, boxing, capoeira, and tae kwon do.

However, Silva’s biggest weakness may be his predictable approach to fighting. He uses taunts, straight punches, and outside kicks to goad his opponents to attack him. Those who fall prey to this tactic are viciously picked apart with hard-hitting counter shots.

Silva is a very patient fighter when looking for the counter and he keeps himself in position for this opening at all times. His ability to remain calm and patient allows him to build his opponent’s confidence and devastate them with accurate shots that usually lead to their defeat.

For his counters to be effective, The Spider must have complete control of the distance. However, if his opponent is able to consistently get inside his boxing range, his counter punches aren’t quite as damaging. When this occurs, this talented fighter tries to mark up his opponent with dangerous kicks that force his opponents to attempt to close the distance or lose their rounds.

Silva has a large arsenal of kicks, just like the variety of games that are available at Red Flush Australia. The Brazilian uses side kicks, oblique kicks, and roundhouse kicks that he is able to smoothly mix into his game. He uses these moves to damage his opponent from the outside. These kicks are designed to motivate his opponent to get into offensive mode but they are also excellent tools that help him finish fights in spectacular fashion.

It’s a rare occurrence but, Silva is great at slipping hard kicks in the middle of his punch combos. This causes his opponent to start fighting offensively but this is usually an indicator that fight will be over in a short amount of time. He is able to counter his opponents strikes with extreme accuracy and precision, which does a fairly decent job at interrupting their combinations and ending the bout.

Overall, Silva has the ability to come out of slips and rolls with punches. In addition, he loves to counter his opponent’s jabs. When they make this move, the Brazilian usually slips in and comes over this move with his own hard-hitting jabs. Add this tactic to his deadly clinch game and the Spider usually leaves his opponents reeling. However, if his opponent is able to do a great job of disguising his punches, Silva is left open and punches are able to slip through.

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  1. The greatest ever! Chris Wiedman did beat him but so far no one has been as spectacular as Anderson has been in the Octagon

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