Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier was once battling it out in the heavyweight division in Strikeforce, but in the UFC he moved to light heavyweight  and ended up capturing the championship there. There was talk about DC moving up to heavyweight to challenge their champion but he squashed that with MMAFighting.com today.

I’m fighting in this division against guys who are more my size. When I grab these dudes, compared to the other guys, the difference is unbelievable. It’s unbelievable how much smaller they are. I’m scared of every one of them (heavyweights). I walk past them and I’m like, ‘that dude is huge.’ Andrei Arlovski is massive. What in the world would I have done if I had to fight him? He’s thick, big, and tall. I’ve trained with him. I’m looking at him and going, dude, did I shrink or are these dudes that much bigger than me?

What do you think? If Jon Jones comes back and trounces DC again should he move to heavyweight?

One thought on “Cormier reveals who scared him to staying at LHW”
  1. Cormier is being very modest here…..he trains with Cain Velasquez on the regular….nothing about Andrei Arlovski scares him….I mean….Cormier fought and beat huge HW’s like Mir and Barnett….lol….

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