big-john-mccarthyAfter you’ve seen enough crazy endings to MMA fights, once in awhile the thought might cross your mind that there was something shady going on. Somebody was paid off. The referee or judge or someone was in on it and the fight was fixed.

Referee Big John McCarthy has been around since the beginning and has talked about in the past a couple fights he refereed in the UFC he thought were fixed. Of course he was not in on it and reported his suspicions to the owner at the time.

A fan asked Big John on Twitter recently what would happen if he tried bribing him and the veteran MMA referee’s response was classic.

Just in case you ever get any ideas about approaching the big guy to fix a fight, he’s made it clear where he stands. You’ll be reported to the commission and you’ll be lucky to escape without an ass beating. Let’s just say it’s the ultimate insult to a referee.

Big John continuously interacts with fight fans on Twitter and you can cask him a question too by tagging your tweet with #AskBJM.

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