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Jason “Mayhem” Miller  is famous for one thing – his mouth. He made his UFC debut against a future legend in GSP so that loss was forgivable. What was not forgivable was his gradual progression in to insanity.

Fans have long said Miller was the next big thing, just one fight from greatness. The fact is that Miller was one fight from retirement at all times. He had a decent ground game and a stand up game that made gym sparring partners feel like Gods. In other words, it kind of sucked.

Don’t believe me? Watch his fights and tell me his hands aren’t garbage covered in sewage covered gloves.

This may be the only time he looked like an amazing striker. He is squaring off against a bully on his own show “Bully Beatdown” which aired on MTV.

Maybe it’s the red stripe in his hair that makes him look a bleeding skunk that made him seem dangerous, who knows. I can tell you that his mouth helped convince a lot of people that he was a bad ass. Bully Beatdown helped him get the reputation because it gave him an audience to use his mouth with. He convinced thousands of viewers that he was an elite fighter, but sadly he wasn’t.

In fact, Mayhem never won a single fight in the UFC. Not one. Jason Miller is the Todd Duffee of his weight class except that Duffee actually won in the UFC. Mayhem had flashy entrances at times with a mask and head banging. He even threw money at UFC 52 on the way to the cage to get destroyed by GSP.

Sadly, Jason Mayhem Miller is now known for this kind of stuff:

and also this:

He said he could beat not one, but TWO Jason Stathams

– and then went and got owned by Michael Bisping, a man he coached against on a season of TUF. Jason Statham by KO in the 2nd round would be my prediction.

I never got the hype and apparently noone else did either.

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