stitch duran

This whole Reebok thing with the UFC is taking its toll. Not only were many fighters’ pocketbooks affected by the Reebok partnership, but so were cutmen who previously had their own sponsors. Once the Reebok deal was in place, fighters and cutmen were no longer allowed to sell sponsorships on their articles of clothing. The fighters had to wear a new uniform and the cutmen had to wear a generic looking vest.

Numerous fighters have made their opinions known about the Reebok deal, although most were probably afraid to speak out for fear they may face ramifications such as what just happened to cutman extraordinaire and longtime UFC worker Jacob “Stitch” Duran.

According to “Stitch”, he was just fired by the UFC for voicing his opinions on the deal.

What’s strange is that “Stitch” really didn’t say anything all that bad except the Reebok deal may force some of the UFC cutmen to supplement their income or focus more on boxing. It seems like the guy was just being honest, but apparently it didn’t sit well with the UFC higher-ups.

Welcome to corporate MMA people. I hope you like it, cause it looks like it’s here to stay.

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