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UFC fighter Nick Diaz agreed to a plea agreement on Monday, which thankfully will avoid a lengthy jail sentence. Stockton 209, what? WHAT?!

Diaz was in a San Joaquin County Court room facing DUI-related charges. He was there because of arrests in September of 2014 and also November of the previous year. Both of these arrests took place in Lodi, California. The charges ranged from DUI, DUI with an alcohol or drug level above .08, to unsafe speeds, failure to appear (DUH!), driving with a suspended license, and freaking resisting arrest.

According to TMZ Sports, our favorite Stockton native avoided a lengthy stay in jail by agreeing to a deal. He plead no contest to a DUI with an alcohol or drug level above .08, while dismissing the other charges.


Diaz was sentenced to two two days in jail, three years of informal probation, and he must complete a DUI educational course.

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