The Four Horsewomen include from left, Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shaffir, Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey. Photo credit: Joey Krebs/PMN
The Four Horsewomen include from left, Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir, Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey. Photo credit: Joey Krebs/PMN

If you have to lose a bet, it may as well be because you didn’t actually think you’d be able to break your own world record of fastest finish in UFC championship fight history. That’s the case with UFC women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey (11-0) who dispatched Alexis Davis (16-6) in just 16 seconds last Summer.

The champ was back in action at UFC 184 last month against unbeaten challenger Cat Zingano (9-1) and made a wager with her coach for 10 large.

From The Daily Beast:

“I didn’t think I could break it,” Rousey says of her 16-second KO. “I had a bet going with my coach and said, ‘There’s no way anyone is going to break 16 seconds,’ and he said, ‘No, you’re totally going to break your own record.’ We bet $10,000 on it, and the very next fight I beat it by two seconds. I owe my coach $10,000 now… I screwed myself over on that one!”

It looks as though Rousey will probably be fighting Four Horsewomen hunter Bethe Correia (9-0) sometime later this year. The undefeated Brazilian has been calling Rousey out and has already taken out two of her Horsewomen teammates with a unanimous decision win over Jessamyn Duke and a second round TKO of Shayna Baszler last year.

Rousey thinks it’s good marketing for Correia to call her out, but wants the Brazilian to understand there will be a price to pay.

“She’s calling me out,” says Rousey. “It’s very smart from a marketing perspective—for her to get a title shot as quick as possible—but it’s not very good for her physical well-being. You don’t fuck with Mama Bear. It might seem lucrative from afar, but it’s not going to be nearly as fun in practice.”

The champ also said she’d like to fight Correia in her native Brazil and “dispense justice” in front of her home crowd. Now that’s balls.

Any chance Rousey could break her 14-second finish next time?

I’m not betting against her that’s for sure.

3 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey to Bethe Correia: ‘You don’t f-ck with Mama Bear’”
  1. Yet why isn’t there a fight in the making between these two. We here Holly Holm, Gina Carino, even cyborg, but never is Bethe Correia brought up, wonder why?

  2. Ronda mentions Bethe’s name EVERY single time she is asked who she’d like to fight next. You are really reaching

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