Pump to adapt. UFC light heavyweight champ and the de facto No. 1 pound-for-pound mixed martial arts fighter on the planet Jon Jones has a new commercial for Reebok’s ZPump Fusion shoes. What we have here is Jones using his pumps to carry him through various situations he might encounter while out running the mean streets. Pump to fly, pump to cut, pump to attack, pump to explode, pump to fit. Pump to adapt is the message.

Jones is scheduled to defend his 205-pound title against Anthony “Rumble” Johnson at UFC 187 on May 23 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Production wise I guess it’s “good” as far as commercials go. However, it is interesting that there is practically no MMA/UFC/fight imagery in the commercial and there’s nothing to let the general viewer know it’s UFC champ Jon Jones they are watching. Why do you think that is?


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