UFC-Tonight-logoThe following quotes and videos are from tonight’s FOX SPORTS 1UFC 184 POSTFIGHT SHOW. The show was hosted by Jay Glazer, with Kenny Florian,Daniel Cormier and Miesha Tate providing analysis. Ariel Helwani conducted interviews on-site.

UFC ON FOX analyst Kenny Florian on Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano: “Almost as certain as death and taxes, the Ronda Rousey armbar. Ronda just tucked Zingano’s arm under her arm and decided to take it home with her. That was the end. Zingano should have given up the position and given up her back. She hesitated and was stuck between moves. You can start fast and not start that way. It was a big failure in the strategy. There’s a difference between good and great. Ronda is great.”


UFC ON FOX analyst Miesha Tate on Rousey’s quick finish: “It’s hard to put it into words when that happens. Cat tried to come out with a fast start and she made a huge mistake. You can’t leave an arm extended with Ronda Rousey on the ground. I’m not only impressed, but I’m inspired. I realize she’s on a different level and I want to get on that level.”


Ronda Rousey on if she was surprised that Zingano rushed in: “I could see why she wanted to do that. So many people have said she’s a slow starter. When we were falling, she fell into me. I went into judo mode and didn’t want to let my back touch the ground and it helped the transition. It put me in a great position. I’ve never done that kind of armbar before. I did practice it, but just not like that. I practiced it face up, not face down like that.”

Rousey on if she even feels tired after such a quick fight: “Yes. It’s the waiting, preparation, the stress and anxiety that takes it out of you. I’m exhausted.”

Rousey on if she wants her fights to last longer: “Not really. I like the quick fights. The longer the matches are, the shorter my career will be. I like them being short because I want to do this as long as possible.”

Rousey on if she felt bad for Zingano after all she’s overcome: “Yeah, I sat down in front of her afterwards and said ‘I’m happy to do this again sometime.’ It’s hard to feel like you really tested yourself when something like that happens. I think it’d be very different the next time, like when me and Miesha Tate fought again.”

Rousey on who she wants to fight next: “I was really impressed with Holly Holm tonight. She’s a world champ boxer and I want to see how I stand against some of that caliber. And she showed good take down defense. There’s also some history with Bethe Correia.”

Tate on who should fight Rousey next: “Bethe hasn’t fought anyone in top ten yet. I’d like to test her and be the deciding factor. Some have deemed me the gatekeeper, but I’d love to take that zero off her record.”


UFC ON FOX analyst Daniel Cormier on Raquel Pennington vs. Holly Holm: “It’s been a long time coming. It seemed like Holly seemed to have a lot of nervous energy at the beginning of the fight. She never stopped moving in the fight.”

Holly Holm on winning her first fight in the UFC: “I look back, is it the finish or the win I wanted? No, I wanted to win in spectacular fashion, but she’s a tough girl and she’s never been stopped. I didn’t want to come in with all that pressure. This was a learning experience. The first one is over with and I’m heading back to the gym to get better.”

Holm on her performance: “I was trying to stay in a lower stance. I didn’t let my kicks go like I wanted to. The punches were there, but I didn’t step down on them. I felt fine in the clinch and defending the takedown. I’ve never had anyone shoot that much against me in a fight. There’re a lot of things I want to do better. I was standing tall and you don’t do that. I want to stay low following a combo. But I’m not going to complain. I never feel 100 percent satisfied after a fight, but I’m really excited it’s done and I’m happy. I feel like I was a little too cautious instead of diving in on the shots.”

UFC President Dana White on if Zingano had a good plan to fight against Rousey:“You’ve got to have some kind of plan against her. She gets you and she gets you out of there fast. I thought, what do I do with his girl?”

White on what he thinks about Zingano: “I like Cat a lot. I’ve got a lot of respect for her. I did a lot of things to try to motivate her and get her back in the UFC in the right state of mind. Tonight she went against the baddest female in the world.”

White on who will fight Rousey next: “Everyone wants to fight Ronda, but I don’t know. Ronda’s going to go make a movie and then come back and fight again.”

White on Holly Holm’s performance: “Holly performed well for her first time and being in the co-main event.”

White on Brock Lesnar being at the fight: “He’s a fan of fights. He wanted to come watch the fights. When his contract is up with the WWE, he can come talk to me.”

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