Once again true believers it’s rumor control time here at PMN and this one is informative to say the least.

Yesterday our source and others were hearing backstage that Roman Reigns failed a drug test, but now no one can confirm or deny it. There are some who still believe it happened and some who are swearing it didn’t. However, EVERYONE believes if it did nothing will happen except a stern lecture and private counseling sessions.

Here’s what the new scoop is about Brock Lesnar leaving WWE’s RAW live show on Monday from our source.

So here’s the new rumblings. Lesnar was upset about looking weak in a segment, but that’s not why the blow up happened. It was just a factor. Lesnar and (Paul) Heyman were speaking backstage when he was summoned to see Vince, or he summoned Vince. It’s semantics. The discussion was about three things. Booking, money, and freedom to work in the UFC if a big fight came up. Vince said no because he thinks it is damaging to WWE. The relationship of MMA to WWE product is a concern. The precedent a contract like that would set is another. The “Why does Brock get to do it” type of thing. Lesnar feels he could make more money in the UFC with the new PPV percentages and sponsorships. Heyman is said to be behind Lesnar on this and feels a crossover to the UFC is good for business both ways. If Lesnar got hurt in either org he would be unable to perform for the other so that’s one of the reasons, too. This is all what’s being filtered down and I am guessing most of it is what our own guys read on the internet. They are good about spreading rumors backstage. The view from the other guys is that he has it good already and his complaining is a slap in the face to the full timers.

Again take it for what it’s worth. Rumors. We will stay on top of this.


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