UFC veteran Josh Neer reportedly had been heckled by a local guy about MMA fighters not being legit in the streets or something to that effect, so Neer invited the guy to the gym he trains at in Iowa and beats the brakes off him while recording. Check out these vicious elbows and head strikes landing after Neer had apparently taken the guy down to the ground:

Neer (36-14-1) last competed in October 2014, losing a unanimous decision against Paul Bradley in the Bellator promotion.

One thought on “UFC vet Josh Neer destroys a heckler in a Iowa gym *Video*”
  1. DAAMNN!

    You think the Black fella was talking shit about how MMA would never work in da hood?
    I got Black Homies who still insist that Kimbo Slice would beat any MMA fighter in a street fight.

    You cant talk them out of it.
    You might be able to beat it out of them, but you cant talk it out of them.

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