Chuck Liddell, UFC Hall of Famer and former reigning light heavyweight champion, has never been known for his oratory eloquence. “The Iceman” became famous for being willing to get in any opponent’s face and take a few shots to give a few shots that more often than not resulted in him having his hand raised and left his opponent lying on the canvas.

So who was the brainiac that scheduled Liddell to go on Fox News’ “Sports Court” to discuss the slew of recent failed drug tests in the UFC and its potential impact on the sport? Liddell didn’t even realize the athletic commissions have been doing pre-fight drug testing, nor was he able to offer any solutions how things could be improved.

In fact, I’m not really sure why he was there or what purpose this interview served except to make a failed attempt to try and convince us that things aren’t really as bad as they seem with PED use in the UFC.

Interestingly enough, the NSAC is meeting at this very moment to discuss Anderson Silva and Hector Lombard’s (and Nick Diaz’s) recent failed drug tests.

The UFC plans to hold a press conference on Wednesday in Las Vegas to (hopefully) address the rampant PED use within the organization and how they plan to combat the use of banned substances among their athletes moving forward.

This isn’t the first time Chuck Liddell did an interview the UFC hoped you didn’t see. Remember that time he was out promoting the movie 300 on Good Morning Texas:

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