kenny florian - ufc tonightThe following quotes and video links are from tonight’s FOX SPORTS LIVE UFC FIGHT NIGHT: HENDERSON VS. THATCH postfight coverage on FOX SPORTS 1. The show was hosted by Karyn Bryant, with Dominick Cruz and Michael Bisping as analysts.

UFC on FOX analyst Dominick Cruz on Brandon Thatch beating Benson Henderson:“The tale of this fight was Benson’s patience. He knew he had to wait to let Thatch wear himself out. He needed to get some takedowns and wore out Thatch. It was beautiful. By making Thatch chase him around the cage, Henderson forced Thatch to overcommit to his punches and that opened up the opportunities he needed.”


UFC on FOX analyst Michael Bisping on how Henderson beat Thatch: “He showed why you have to be a well-rounded mixed martial artist. Henderson circled away every time Thatch got him against the fence. This was an incredible performance by Henderson. He fought a very smart game. Thatch didn’t cut the cage off. He was only throwing single shots.”

Benson Henderson on fighting a big welterweight in Brandon Thatch: “I was a little bit worried in the first round and second rounds, his coaches said to go to my chest. He landed a jab to my chest and it almost caved it in. I thought – This dude’s pretty strong, I better stay on my horses.”

Henderson on his strategy to win the fight: “I wanted to stay away from his strengths and wear him down a little bit. I always like my chances in the fourth and fifth rounds.”


Dana White on Henderson’s victory: “I’m so blown away with Benson Henderson. This size difference was insane. Henderson picked him apart from the first round. What’s crazy coming out of the third round, both of Thatch’s eyes were closing. But Benson didn’t even look like he was in a fight. He’s so tough and so talented, I’m so impressed.”


White on Henderson fighting Rory Macdonald: “After what he did tonight, who can deny him at 170 pounds?”

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