Jan. 19th, 2014 – Spring Lake, MI – With a growing roster of world class fighters from regions spanning the globe, XFC has become an international sensation. Since breaking ground in Latin America in 2014, the promotion has consistently topped the ratings charts as one of the most watched MMA events on television, showcasing the world’s most promising stars in the XFC International Tournament Series, and creating the XFC World Championship title race.

Boasting a roster of over 125 exclusively signed international fighters from 23 countries, XFC’s Next Generation of Champions are making moves. Through the XFC tournament & superfight series, all XFC fighters are now presented a clear vision and defined path to reach championship gold. Ensuring consistency amongst its ranks and defining the roster of fighters competing for XFC World Championship belts, the XFC continues to strengthen the organization and fulfill its mission to showcase the worlds best MMA fighters.

With such positive exponential roster growth and the realization of the XFC’s new vision, creates a necessity that the initial group of fighters signed by the previous XFC management (terminated) are to be presented with their unconditional release.

Topping the release list were two current XFC regional championship title holders; Flyweight Pearl Gonzalez and Featherweight Deivison Ribeiro. The organization cites that both fighters have been offered numerous opportunities to compete in the HeXagon and defend their XFC regional titles against the rising stars in the organization, but have continuously declined, creating frustration for fans, opponents and XFC executives.

XFC President Myron Molotky made a statement about releasing women’s Flyweight title holder Pearl Gonzalez and vacating the belt: “Our XFC women’s divisions (Strawweight & Flyweight) have gained recognition worldwide as one of the largest and strongest in the industry. Pearl has been voluntarily inactive over the last year, turning down several offers to fight in our International Tournament and Superfight Series; citing her inexperience and the challenge of competing against the higher skill level that the current roster in her division now holds. We believe that our champions should rise to the occasion and embrace the chance to compete at the highest level, while also enabling deserving challengers the ability to determine who will become XFC Champions.”

Regarding Ribeiro, Molotky added: “Deivison accepted the challenge to defend his title against Junior Assuncao, live on television, inside the HeXagon at XFCi 6. Since that time, his management team has made it clear that he will not put his title on the line against former XFC Lightweight Champion Junior Assuncao, who has won 10 of his last 11 bouts. Junior is a deserving challenger and will now compete for the vacated belt in 2015.”

With the XFC Season II Tournaments well underway, Season III matchmaking beginning to unfold, media buzzing about the expansion into Europe and returning to North America, there is a clear precedence that the XFC is growing larger by the moment. The X-roster is now filled with some of the most talented international fighters in the world, boasting some of the strongest records in the industry. Fans can expect to see many more major signings and XFC World Championship title races in 2015.

Fighters Released:
Deivison Ribeiro – Featherweight Champion
Pearl Gonzalez – Regional Flyweight Champion
Ryan Thomas
Eric Reynolds
Cortney Casey
Andrea Lee
Stephanie Skinner
Angelica Chavez
Andy Nguyen
Dave Courchaine
Daniel Swain
Jeremy Severn
Stephen Bass
Ladarious Jackson
Dejuan Hathaway

The Xtreme Fighting Championships (XFC) is the largest independent mixed martial arts (MMA) organization in the World. The promotions is based out of Spring Lake, MI with offices in New York, Ft. Lauderdale, Sao Paulo, & Buenos Aires. XFC is partnered with the largest television broadcaster in Latin America, Rede TV!, as well as HBO, Terra TV, & UOL. The XFC currently has over 125 exclusively signed fighters, representing over 26 countries Worldwide. Boasting the signing of The Next Generation of Male & Female Superstars, the XFC is known for entertaining fans with the most action packed MMA events on television.

The Next Generation of MMA fighters are emerging through our International Tournament Series! Each season, rising MMA fighters from around the World debut in the XFC HeXagon. Their Integity, Honor, & Will to become a Gold Medalist Tournament Champion is challenged. At the end of each season, the Tournament Champions will advance to the XFC Superfight Series, where they will have their chance to rise through the ranks and prove themselves as a contender for an XFC World Championship Title!

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