It’s a special “Raw Reunion” show tonight from Dallas that will feature the likes of WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels, as well as Kevin Nash, X-Pac, Jimmy Hart, Billy Gunn, Ron Simmons and others. Seth Rollins better be looking over his shoulder for HW champ Brock Lesnar after curb-stomping him last week. Dean Ambrose will be back after getting dusted by Rusev last week. And Daniel Bryan must rematch Kane with his Royal Rumble title shot on the line. All this and more tonight!


Lesnar along with Paul Heyman open the show. As Heyman is about to go into his usual speech of who he is, Lesnar takes the mic and calls out Rollins. No response. Lesnar says when he shows up Rollins is nowhere to be found. HHH comes out instead. Lesnar asks HHH if he’s there to fix this or is he there to fight. Stephanie McMahon, Kane and Big Show come out and try to talk Brock down. Heyman is trying to tell Brock to be reasonable. Rollins appears on the Titantron and tells Brock to be patient, he’ll get his shot at Royal Rumble. John Cena comes out now to remind everyone all three of them will settle the score at Royal Rumble. Cena tells the Authority to up the ante and if he wins at Royal Rumble, give Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan their jobs back. HHH agrees, but Cena will have to fight tonight and if he wins, they will get their jobs back, and if he loses, he’s out of the Royal Rumble match. Fans can vote on the WWE app if they agree or not with HHH’s proposal, and the fans will decide Cena’s fate.

Former Royal Rumble winners Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Sean Michaels are brought into the ring to talk about the upcoming event. They are asked their predictions and when they don’t pick Big Show he comes out to confront them. Big Show eventually goes at Flair and this brings Roman Reigns out who runs Big Show off.

NWO’s Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and X-Pac come to the ring but are interrupted by The Ascension. JBL and Ron Simmons of APA come out to confront the Ascension. Then the New Age Outlaws come out and they go after Viktor and Konor. JBL clotheslines one of them and that’s it.

HHH announces John Cena will face Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane tonight in an effort to win back the jobs of Ryback, Ziggler and Rowan.


  • DANIEL BRYAN VS. BRAY WYATT — Bryan is getting the better of Wyatt when Kane comes out and sits at ringside. He and Bryan will face off Thursday on SmackDown. Kane interferes and this allows Wyatt to hit a Sister Abigail on Bryan, and then the pin. Kane comes in the ring afterward and choke slams Bryan, full mounts him and unleashes punches until the ref pulls him off.
  • DEAN AMBROSE VS. BAD NEWS BARRETT — Ambrose hits Barrett with his Dirty Deeds finisher, then the pin.
  • NEW DAY VS. CESARO, ADAM ROSE — Cesaro picks Kofi Kingston over his head, but Kingston rolls him up for the pin.
  • PAIGE, NATALYA VS. ALICIA FOX, SUMMER RAE — Paige locks up a PTO on Alicia for the tap out.
  • R-TRUTH VS. RUSEV — R-Truth taps out to an Accolade.
  • USOS VS. MIZ, MIZDOWN — Jey with the splash off the top rope on Miz, then the pin.
  • HANDICAP MATCH: JOHN CENA VS. BIG SHOW, SETH ROLLINS, KANE — Sting shows up and distracts Seth Rollins, this allows Cena to roll him up for the pin and save the jobs of his friends. HHH is steaming. Lesnar comes out and is making a bee line for Rollins, takes him down with a double leg, then F5’s Kane, ground and pound on Rollins, then he F5’s Big Show. Rollins runs backstage.


Brock Lesnar calls out Seth Rollins

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt


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