Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva

MMAFighting spoke with Anderson Silva’s teammate and well known MMA fighter Rafael Cavalcante, ahead of Silva’s anticipated fight with Nick Diaz at UFC 183 on Jan 31. Feijão said Silva is not holding back.

“I just returned from an injury, and I’m getting beat up in training,” said Cavalcante. “He’s training hard, I’m really impressed. He’s dedicated, and he will bring this win for the team.”

“I wish he had this mental block because he’s kicking me a lot, and he’s kicking f—ing hard. He’s bigger than me, so he usually kicks me a lot in training because I like to close the distance when I’m fighting. He’s kicking hard, thank God.”

“Diaz is a tough guy, I’m a big fan, but I don’t think he will stand and trade with Anderson. He will change his style, try to grapple more. Close the distance and go for the takedown. Anderson has more skills than him in the striking game.

“Nick Diaz is a brave fighter, but if he tries to avoid the stand-up fight and goes for a takedown, Anderson has a fantastic ground game. He can grapple with anyone, but it’s not easy to take him down.”

“I imagine a long fight. Nick Diaz has a good cardio, but I think Anderson knocks him out in the fourth round.”

Anderson is the odds on favorite, but so was Robbie Lawler when he faced Nick Diaz and knocked out. Who do you have? Silva or Diaz?


One thought on “Feijao says Anderson is kicking “F%$#ing hard”!”
  1. Thats nice.
    But I’m not sure that kicking is gonna save him from a well rounded and unafraid wrestler with hands on him.

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