WWE Monday Night RAW 12/29/14 live results, updates, video highlights


Edge and Christian will host the final Raw of 2014 tonight from Washington, D.C. Daniel Bryan has an important message. Former NXT tag team champions The Ascension will make their WWE debut. How will Dolph Ziggler close out the year on Raw? Will Miz still pursue Naomi after Jimmy Uso taught him a lesson on SmackDown? Will Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose continue their feud? All this and more tonight on Raw.

Stick with us for all the action.

Edge announces Seth Rollins will face Roman Reigns tonight. Also, Rusev will face Dolph Ziggler in a champion vs. champion match. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their entrance, and Brock is looking trim and fit (maybe preparing for his MMA return). Lesnar enters the ring holding his title and he looks like he wants to take Edge and Christian apart. Heyman mentions he’d rather smash John Cena though, and Cena makes his entrance. Cena says his New Year’s resolution is to take Lesnar’s title. But his gift is for Paul Heyman and Cena goes after him. Lesnar intervenes and saves Heyman. Cena picks him up for an AA, but Lesnar escapes. These two will meet in a few weeks at Royal Rumble.

Daniel Bryan announces he will participate in the 2015 Royal Rumble. He will NOT be retiring.

Seth Rollins is a guest on Edge and Christian’s Peep Show segment. Rollins calls John Cena to come out. When he doesn’t come, Rollins knocks Christian down. Then he’s about to curb stomp Edge, while Big Show holds him down. Rollins says if Cena doesn’t give him what he wants, he’s going to paralyze Edge with the curb stomp. Rollins tells Cena to bring The Authority back or he will do it.

“I bring back the Authority,” says Cena. Rollins celebrates, then goes to curb stomp Edge but Cena intervenes and goes after Rollins but Big Show catches him with a KO punch, then Rollins curb stomps Cena. Big Show, Rollins and J&J Security celebrate. HHH and Stephanie McMahon come out and join them, drinking champagne.


  • RUSEV VS. DOLPH ZIGGLER — Rusev disqualified after holding the ropes and stomping Ziggler in the face and not stopping when the ref tried to break it up. He then puts Ziggler in the Accolade until he goes out. Ryback comes out and clotheslines Rusev. The Russian then escapes the ring and exits with Lana. Ryback then talks to the WWE Universe and gives the fans a history lesson on where he came from and his journey since losing on Tough Enough many years ago.
  • NIKKI BELLA VS. NATALYA — Nattie knocks Nikki off the apron and Nattie’s husband Tyson Kidd catches her. They’re starting to look a little cozy when Nattie gives her a drop kick to the back through the ropes. Nikki rallies though. lands a big right hand, then finishes Nattie off in the ring with a Rack Attack, then the pin.
  • THE USOS VS. MIZ, MIZDOW (Tag Team Title Match) — Naomi thanks Miz for his help with her Hollywood career and wishes him luck before the match. She watches the match on a monitor backstage. Usos land a double Super Kick on Miz, then the splash off the top rope from Jimmy for the pin. Usos are the new tag team champions. Naomi comes in the ring to celebrate with Jimmy and Jey.
  • CESARO VS. BAD NEWS BARRETT — Barrett drops Cesaro with a Bull Hammer elbow, then the pin.
  • LUKE HARPER VS. JACK SWAGGER — Harper counters a Swagger Bomb with two feet to the face, a huge clothesline, then the pin.
  • ROMAN REIGNS VS. SETH ROLLINS — Reigns drops Rollins with a Superman punch, but as he gets ready for the finish Big Show interferes (ending the official match for Rollins via DQ) and smashes Reigns into the announce table, then dumps the table on top of him.
  • THE ASCENSION VS. MIZ, MIZDOW — Konor and Viktor hit Mizdow with the Fall of Man, then Conor covers him for the pin.


Brock Lesnar interrupts Edge & Christian:

Daniel Bryan announces his return:

Seth Rollins forces John Cena to reinstate The Authority:

Bad News Barrett is back:

Usos regain title:

Dolph Ziggler, Paige and Cesaro react to The Authority’s return:

Daniel Bryan’s emotional comeback: