Conor McGregor is on fire in terms of sheer celebrity in the MMA world and on the cusp of leaking over in to mainstream media. He is also becoming a wealthy man thanks to bonuses and behind the scenes money grabs. He is Ireland’s biggest MMA star and potentially MMA’s fastest rising one in general since GSP.

Recently the Irishman took to the path of us mortal men to take a picture before attending a Snoop Dogg, Lion, Space Cowboy, or whatever the rapper has changed his name to lately. McGregor Tweeted the following with the image.

conor 2

Halloween night in Vegas!! Heading to see @SnoopDogg dressed as billionaires!!!

Conor is looking as if he is doing his best Tony Stark in terms of fashion and look how freaking rich I am attitude. Hey, he also got the VIP award for “Most Stylish Man” so that helps.

McGregor was in line for a title shot, and then wasn’t just as quickly as it was announced. Now he takes on another rival in Dennis Siver who he has traded barbs with just like Dustin Poirier, and Dustin came up on the wrong side of that outcome. If Conor wins this fight decisively Jose Aldo may be in trouble, and in danger of losing his featherweight title to the Irish sensation. Conor is dangerous on his feet and can put people away with no trouble. Dennis will most likely want to stand and trade punches so this match up has fireworks written all over it.

Conor takes on Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Siver on January 18.

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