RAW#RAWSanAntonio — Fresh off last night’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, RAW returns tonight from San Antonio. John Cena is set to face Seth Rollins. Now that Rusev has dispatched Big Show, who’s next for the undefeated Russian? Maybe we’ll find out tonight. And now that Brie is Nikki’s personal assistant for a month, what could type of tasks could we see her performing? After Bray Wyatt interfered in Dean Ambrose’s match with Seth Rollins and caused him to lose, will the Lunatic Fringe meet the Eater of Worlds tonight?

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The Authority opens the show talking about HIAC and “the future of the WWE” Seth Rollins and he walks out. Rollins says he’s glad to have Ambrose out of his hair once and for all. Rollins says he sees John Cena in his future. The crowd wants Ambrose.

Randy Orton walks out and confronts Rollins about why he thinks he’s the future of the WWE and says he lost to Cena because Rollins curb stomped him last Monday night and The Authority didn’t deal with him. Then he attacks Rollins. The Authority breaks it up and HHH tells Orton to take the night off…. at that moment Orton pushes HHH out of the way and RKO’s Rollins, leaving him laying unconscious in the ring.

Big Show & Mark Henry vs. Gold & Stardust – for Tag Team Title

Goldust and Mark Henry start it off. After a few minutes Henry and Big Show get in an argument about tagging in. After a strong start from Big Show and Henry, Gold & Stardust turn it around on Henry and are working him over good. Big Show tags in and cleans house and KO punches Stardust in the center of the ring. Henry and Big Show are arguing again and Henry slams Big Show and pulls Stardust on top of him for the pin.

RESULT: Stardust pins Big Show

After Gold & Stardust leave, Henry waits for Big Show to get up and slams him three times, then hits him with a splash and leaves him laying in the ring. Henry was screaming, “Nobody slaps me, nobody hits me” referring to Big Show slapping him on the back when he tagged in during the match. Henry said afterward, when asked why he did that, he said that he did it before Big Show did it to him, and said Big Show has always been jealous of him.

AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox

Paige is ringside and blames Alicia for making her lose against AJ last night. Alicia getting the better of AJ to start. AJ hits a big DDT counter.  But Alicia comes back with a big backbreaker. Paige starts yelling something at Alicia and distracts her as AJ rolls her up for the pin. Paige apologizes to Alicia and goes in to give her a peace offering. As Alicia reaches out to grab it, Paige kicks her then throws her out the ring then smashes her into the barricade numerous times. Paige is saying Alicia is the worst best friend.

RESULT: AJ Lee pins Alicia Fox


Cena comes out talking about his upcoming title match with Brock Lesnar. He says while Brock is at home, Cena is there night after night. He also announces he will be taking on Seth Rollins tonight. This brings out Stephanie McMahon who says she has a business proposition for him. Steph tries talking Cena into joining The Authority (turning heel). Cena says he’ll never sell out and this brings out HHH. Triple H says Cena better smarten up and realize The Authority always wins. Cena will also haver to pick a partner to take on The Authority at Survivor Series.

Miz & Mizdow vs. The Usos

Miz starts it out against Jimmy, but the crowd wants Mizdow. Jimmy getting the better of Miz and tags in Jey. … They end up flying out on top of Miz and Mizdow on the floor, taking them out. … Miz turns it around hits a DDT on Jey and tags in Mizdow, who suplexes Jey. Jey turns it around and Jimmy is tagged in to work over Miz. Mizdow intervenes as Jimmy rolls Miz up for a pin. Jimmy and Jey pull a switcheroo, and Jey surprises Mizdow and rolls him up for the pin.

RESULT: Uso pins Mizdow

Bo Dallas vs. Ryback

Bo Dallas issued an open challenge to anyone who believes they can beat him. Ryback comes out and works him over for a minute before hitting him with the ShellShock and pins Bo Dallas. Guess he didn’t Bolieve enough tonight.

RESULT: Ryback pins Bo Dallas

Cesaro vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose starts by talking about Bray Wyatt’s interference in his match last night against Rollins. He then rushes in the ring and attacks Cesaro with the microphone. Cesaro tries to run away but Ambrose is all over him. He then calls out Wyatt, and says I’m not much for smoke and mirrors, I’m right here waiting. Wyatt appears on the Titantron and talks about their kindred spirit. Sounds like he may be trying to recruit Ambrose for the Wyatt Family. Wyatt tells him he’s going to destroy Ambrose’s mind and feast on the spoils. “Run, Dean, Run,” he says. I like it.

RESULT: Match never got started officially

Nikki Bella vs. Naomi

Brie is ringside as Nikki’s personal assistant for 30 days. Nikki working over Naomi, dominating the match. Naomi hits the counter with a big drop kick and clothesline. She continues the assault but can’t get the pin. Nikki runs into a Naomi head kick. Brie distracts Naomi and Nikki takes advantage. Nikki thanks Brie for the help and hits Naomi with the Rack Attack, and gets the pin. Brie holds her sister’s hand up, but obviously hates doing it.

RESULT: Nikki Bella pins Naomi

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane

Ziggler was seen talking with Cena about possibly teaming up with him against The Authority at Survivor Series. Kane informs Ziggler of The Authority’s displeasure with this and says he will be fighting him tonight. Ziggler starts by landing several punches, but Kane drops him flat with a clothesline. Kane works him over for a minute then puts him in a choke. Ziggler tries to rally but gets caught with a knee off the ropes. Kane choking him again. Ziggler hits a counter then ducks as Kane comes at him and over the ropes. Ziggler kicks him off the apron onto the floor. … Kane turns it around and roughs Ziggler up good. Ziggler rallies but Kane catches him off the ropes for a big slam but can’t get the pin. At this point Kane climbs the ropes, Ziggler moves and goes for the pin but Kane kicks out. Ziggler ends up rolling Kane up for the pin. After the match Rollins attacks Ziggler from behind and he and Kane work him over in the ring. This is a message from the Authority to stay away from Cena and don’t even think about joining his team at Survivor Series. At this point Cena rushes the ring and knocks Kane over the ropes and runs Rollins and his security off.

RESULT: Ziggler pins Kane

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena

Rollins’ ribs are taped up after last night’s HIAC match. A lot of back and forth until Rollins flies out onto Cena on the floor, but accidentally lands back first into the announcers table. That looked painful. Back in the ring Rollins takes Cena to the top rope. Cena counters and lands a lateral press off the top ropes. Rollins counters and hits a DDT but no pin. Cena almost gets counted out after security kicks him while he’s down on the floor. Cena gets back in just in time and turns the tables on Rollins and ends a sequence with a 5 knuckle shuffle. He then tosses Rollins over the top rope onto security. Rollins back in counters with a drop kick and almost pins Cena. Rollins runs into Cena’s feet, then gets hit with a DDT, but Cena can’t finish as Rollins kicks out the pin. Cena picks him up for the AA, Rollins tries to counter, but Cena counter-counters (huh?) … After several back and forth sequences, Cena locks him up in the STF. When it looks like he might tap, Kane rushes to Rollins’ aid. Then Ziggler comes in to help Cena. Soon the whole cast has rushed in and it’s like a huge Royal Rumble. After it’s all done, Cena is left standing alone in the ring. Somehow Rollins escaped; he looks on at Cena with The Authority by his side.

RESULT: Technically John Cena won due to DQ


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