The Undertaker

After losing to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX this year, and shocking the pro wrestling world in the process, The Undertaker quietly walked to the back and has not been seen on WWE programming since. Now, he has resurfaced in a role many in the business believe he should have been in a long time ago. The Undertaker¬†will be working as an “adviser” for WWE ‘s developmental system. Taker would be visiting the Performance¬†Center to mentor WWE’s up and coming talent on what it takes to make it on the main card.

He will be able to pick and choose when he wants to visit because it is not a set in stone job schedule like most others. He is famous for keeping the locker room honest by intimidation, but known for doing it out of the need to keep egos in check and protect the business. Needless to say, Undertaker will ensure that the younger talent knows what they are getting in to and what they should expect from a bump up to the main roster.

Roman Reigns was on a roll before he was injured earlier this year. Since his departure Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have exploded in to the main event scene, and essentially stealing the spotlight from the rest of the roster. Roman is said to be very impatient on returning, but sources close to him say he understands the healing process decides his return and not his desire to. WWE currently has Roman Reigns penciled in for a return in late December or early January.

Finally, Daniel Bryan had arguably the best story line in Wrestlemania history with the exception of Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant’s legendary clash. An injury to his arm derailed his momentum and the feeling in his arm has never fully returned.


Big Show kicked off this week’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Houston by telling fans that Daniel Bryan needed another elbow surgery. The fans began to chant “yes!” for a video WWE was going to send Bryan in support of his eventual comeback.

Below is a picture of Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie at a Be A Star event. She tweeted the following along with a picture.


Just had an amazing rally with 49ers Dennis Brown @WWEDanielBryan@ReneeYoungWWE@DarrenYoungWWE@WWE

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