derp karate

Sometimes in life there are things that go together right? Peanut butter and jelly, ham and burger, Heavy D and The Boys, and then karate and rap. Wait, what?

This video is apparently for a full length feature from Samurai Studios called Sister Sensei. They posted it on Vimeo with the hopes that there are no lawsuits because watching it could give your eyes HIV and Lou Gehrig’s disease.. This is movie is probably so bad that viewing it twice will get you a phone call and a week later a little karate kid crawling out of your TV to kill you wearing a purple belt with Chuck Norris’s face on it.

This trailer is hopefully supposed to be good bad like our favorite trailer of all time Kung Fury.

The rapping in this video is so bad that the bearded PMN powerhouse Gary Thomas could rap battle this chick and win. Believe me that is saying something. Our editor Jack Bratcher tried but after hearing two lines from her he immediately got high cholesterol and needed a kidney transplant. Not even Kelvin Hunt, or K-Hizzle as he is called on the streets could defeat her. He spit two lines, got hepatitis C from the music, and then got hospitalized when she Tamasaki chopped him in the spleen with her silver tongued lyric finale. Kinch, poor poor Kinch. He walked in the studio, heard the music, one arm went limp, he got hypothermia, and two weeks later he is still in a coma. Some say you can hear him breathlessly whispering the lyrics to this day.

PMN presents to you what could be the worst gimmick rap ever and one we hope is tongue in cheek. Either way this trailer is not suitable to be viewed by anyone. Seriously, it will make you sterile and midgets will come to your house with torches in protest.

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