Why Night of Champions sucked and why WWE is fading


Night of Champions was a C+ episode of RAW which these days is an F in the early 2000’s. They wonder why ratings and WWE Network buys are dismal.

Last night is a prime example of the state of decay WWE is in. The booking was amateurish and hurt a lot of credibility, momentum, and ultimately the fans paid the price – literally. $9.99 remember *rolls eyes*

Mark Henry vs. Rusev is a stark reminder of how formulaic and stale the WWE has become. Correct me if I am wrong, please. Umaga, Tensai, and Yokozuna are just a few guys that the WWE brought in as monsters only to watch them fade because of dead end booking.

Let me explain.

Rusev is being built as a monster that no one can defeat. He has been booked in a way that when he finally loses fans will no longer care. We do not want to know the outcome of every match with him in it. He is winning cleanly and that is also a tremendous blow to his longevity. Heels primarily should lose from time to time to keep interest in the feud, but last night WWE had Rusev win cleanly over Mark Henry by submission.

Rusev should have lost. plain and simple, but we knew he wouldn’t and our interest in Rusev is in steady decline. It should have been a win by Mark Henry as a surprise and then on the next RAW have Rusev come out and decimate him in an attack RESETTING THE FEUD and making us care. The WWE only knows how to focus on one or two feuds at a time and their absolutely dismal creative team should be fired. They phone it in so to speak a lot. TERRIBLE booking WWE.

Finger of Shame to creative for how they handled Seth Rollins.

Because of having to please shareholders and sponsors we are getting sub par product week in and week out. Their hottest young stars are held down for good old tried and true worn out main eventers like Cena and Orton. Seth Rollins is one of the fastest rising stars in WWE right now. He and Dean Ambrose are more popular than Roman Reigns, but because of Vince McMahon’s love of big wrestlers and the wishes of the out of touch sponsors, and shareholders we are getting Reigns crammed down our throats.

In case you missed it, Seth Rollins called out anyone and Dean Ambrose answered right out of a taxi shown on the big screen. The crowd was unglued and excited, BUT WWE decided they didn’t want to risk Reigns thunder when he returns most assuredly defeating the better man in Rollins so they sent in security to break it up. He challenged anyone to a match and the returning Ambrose answered only to have it broken up by security? What the hell WWE? Can’t you figure out finishes to matches. Even if you somehow manage to build one correctly you screw them up like a chess player with a good opener, but terrible middle game. Just awful, awful, awful.

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz could have easily been the match of the night if the announcers didn’t spend their time plugging the WWE Network and worshiping unnecessary guests Florida Georgia Line on commentary. This was a match featuring two great workers, and the idiots spent their time promoting a country band. This is what happens when shareholders and sponsors dictate your product. What a waste of talent and to top it off the Intercontinental title was taken off of WWE’s best worker Ziggler and given to the cartoonish Miz. We all know that the returning Wade Barrett will take it off of Miz, and once again Ziggler will be relegated to the mid card mess that WWE has no idea how to book with consistency. Ziggler’s fan support is wasted by stupid booking.

Please replace your God awful commentators with real ones WWE. You have to know they’re killing the product. 99.9% of the time it seems that the trio of Lawler, Bradshaw, and Cole are telling inside jokes at the expense of us fans. I really do believe WWE thinks their fans are too stupid to know what we want so we are force fed product that is just plain mediocre.

Finally, creative should be fired for Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena.

They took a man that decimated Undertaker and ended his streak before crushing John Cena at SummerSlam, and then booked said monster to almost lose to a stale John Cena. Seth Rollins came in and saved Brock Lesnar.

You read that right.

Rollins came in and saved Lesnar from losing before attempting to cash in his MITB briefcase after a delivering a curb stomp to Brock. Cena stopped him from cashing in which means that we will now see Seth Rollins career destroyed just as all of Cena’s other opponents when they feud. Cena’s ego has crushed Zack Ryder, Tensai, Sheamus, and countless others. Brock now looks weak and his momentum is gone thanks to Vince McMahon’s love for John Cena.

WWE creative and Vince McMahon have killed more potential superstars in the past 5 years than in all of their long run on TV.

In closing, this show was a terrible example of what it is to come. The commentators ruin the show over and over again with idiotic and sad plugs of the WWE Network’s price, Twitter trending that no fan cares about, and making jokes at wrestler’s expenses, or making tongue in cheek jokes about wrestling fans.

WWE: If you continue to book like a soap opera and not pro wrestling your show will continue to fail. When you went public you killed pro wrestling, and when a crotchety old man overrules one the best minds in WWE history in HHH that is a recipe for disaster.


The TNA Wrestling Twitter account even took a shot at the WWE:

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