bellator 123Bellator 123 takes place this evening at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn., and features a featherweight title fight in the main event as champion Pat Curran tries to hold onto his belt in a rematch with Patricio “Pitbull” Freire. Also, King Mo returns against UFC vet Dustin Jacoby in the co-headliner. Preliminary card action kicks off at 6 p.m. ET and you can catch a live stream on here: Bellator 123 prelims live stream. The main card will air live on Spike TV at 8 p.m. ET. ( will provide LIVE results and round-by-round updates of the event. NOTE: We’re also doing live results and updates for tonight’s UFC Fight Night 50 card being held just a few miles away from this event.

Bellator 123 quick results:

MAIN CARD (Spike TV – 8 p.m. ET)

  • Patricio Pitbull Freire def. Pat Curran by Unanimous Decision ( 48-47, 49-46×2)
  • King Mo def. Dustin Jacoby by TKO (Strikes) at 1:13 Rd 2
  • Tamdan McCrory def. Brennan Ward by TKO (Strikes) ,00:21 Rd 1
  • Bobby Lashley def. Josh Burns by Submission (RNC) , 3:54 Rd 2
  • Cheick Kongo def. Lavar Johnson by Submission (RNC), 3:27 Rd 1


  • Rico Disciullo def. Marvin Maldonado by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)
  • Steve Garcia def. Kin Moy by Split Decision (29-28, 29-28. 27-30)
  • Josh Diekmann def. Mike Wessel by KO, 00:47 Rd 1
  • Scott Cleve def. Matt Bessette by Unanimous Decision (30-27,29-28 x2)
  • Dan Cramer def. Perry Filkins by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

Bellator 123 round-by-round updates:

265 lbs: Cheick Kongo vs. Lavar Johnson

Round 1 -Touch of gloves. Johnson comes out swinging. Lands a big right early to Kongo. Kongo up. Johnson slips and Kongo takes advantage by getting on top. Johnson is stuck on his back. Kongo in full mount. So far Kongo hasn’t landed anything but may be trying a keylock. Shots to the body from Kongo. Boo birds coming out as the fight slows down. Body, body then head by Kongo. Kongo has lit the ribs up of Johnson. Kongo misses s shot and Johnson tries to escape. Kongo gets Johnson’s back and goes for a rear naked choke. Johnson taps out.

Our pal @ZProphet_MMA getting the goods

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cheick Kongo def. Lavar Johnson by Submission (RNC), 3:27 Rd 1

265 lbs: Bobby Lashley vs. Josh Burns

Round 1 – Lashley fires away first with a jab. Lashley off the mark thinks about takedwon. He pulls out then tries again. Drops Burns and takes his place on top. Lashley to side control and gets Burns arm. Keylock is in but Lashley lets it go. Lashley stays in side control. Another keylock from Lashley but he lets it go again. Burns doesn’t even seem to try to get up. Elbow to the body from Lashley. Burns bleeding with 90 seconds to go in the first. A kimura attempt by Lashley. Elbows for days coming from Lashley. Lashley throws some big punches from the top. Completely dominant round from Lashley. PMN scores it 10-8 Lashley. Round 2- Lasley workng his jab. Burns looks like he is standing in cement. Right hand lands from Lashley. Burns throws a left hand, off the mark. Lashley with a takedown. Lashley landing some shots. Elbow to the head of Burns. Lashley throwing a ton of shots. Burns tries to get up but Lashley has his back. Lashley locks in the choke and Burns taps.

Lashley wins his debut! Credit: @ZProphet_MMA

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Lashley def. Josh Burns by Submission (RNC) , 3:54 Rd 2

185 lbs: Brennan Ward vs. Tamdan McCrory

Round 1 – Ward starts the fun with a couple short jabs. McCrory puts together a nice combo. BAM! Three punches and lights out from McCrory. Knockout. Ward was out.

One punch, two punch, three punch …floor @ZProphet_MMA

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tamdan McCrory def. Brennan Ward by TKO (Strikes) ,00:21 Rd 1

205 lbs: King Mo vs. Dustin Jacoby

Round 1 – Jacoby jabs his way out. Mo gets a leg and takes Jacoby down. Great exchange while they are down. Mo resets but Jacoby to his feet. Mo drops him again. Jacoby scrambling well but can’t get up to create any space. Mo hangs on to the single leg as Jacoby gets up. He hits him with a big punch as Jacoby falls. Mo presses Jacoby against the fence and takes his back. Jacoby tries to spin out but eats some punches. The fighters are back to their feet. Swing and a miss by Jacoby. Jacoby with an overhand right that is off the mark. Mo brings the right hand. Mo clowning Jacoby, Anderson Silva style. Looping left from Jacoby. High kick off the mark by Jacoby. Round ends. PMN scores it 10-9 King Mo. Round 2 – Jacoby starts out trying to gauge his distance. Big right hand by Mo. Left hand lands from Mo. Jacoby rocked and Mo fires away. Jacoby on his back eating big shots from Mo. Jacoby taking elbows and punches before Big John stops it.

King Mo with the KO! Show some love to the man @ZProphet_MMA

OFFICIAL RESULT: King Mo def. Dustin Jacoby by TKO (Strikes) at 1:13 Rd 2

145 lbs Title Fight: Pat Curran (c) vs. Patricio Pitbull

Round 1 – Low kick to start from Curran. I think Eric Holden just started the USA chant from press row. One minute in and not much action. Fighters in the middle of the cage and Pitbull pushes forward with a straight left. Curran with a left of his own. Curran slips but gets right back up. Left hand from Curran. Curran back to the low kicks. Boo birds coming out due to the slow action. Low blow but they fight on. Pitbull gets ahold of Curran but can’t get him down. Works the second time but Curran bounces back up. Curran is more active but not accurate. Overhand right off the mark by Pitbull. Hard to score, have to go with Curran 10-9.

Round 2-Pitbull pushes forward, Curran slips but is back up. Fighters lock up and Pitbull lands a knee. Low kick from Pitbull. Curran throwing some low kicks. Pitbull bouncing around. Pitbull lands a good combo. Left hook lands to the dome of Curran. Curran fires back and then goes for a takedown. Curran tries to regroup. Pitbull swings but is off the mark. Curran misses on a right hook. Right hand lands by Curran. Big shot from Curran as the round ends. PMN sees it 10-9 Pitbull, 19-19 after two.

Round 3 – Low kick to start by Curran. Pitbull locks up Curran but nothing doing. Stiff left lands from Pitbull. Right hand answer by Curran. Left hand connects from Curran. Left hand drops Curran. Pitbull rushes in but Curran bounces up. Curran seems fine. Pitbull throwing jabs. Low kick from Pitbull. Curran misses to the body, right hand connects though. Curran goes for a double leg but Pitbull defends. Curran tries again but can’t get it. Curran sneaks in a right hand. Rounds over. Pitbull takes that one, PMN has the fight 29-28 Pitbull.

Round 4- Left hand starts the fun from Pitbull. Curran pushes forward, tries a flying knee. Another left hand from Pitbull. Good combo from Pitbull. A nice exchange in the center of the cage. The pace starts to slow down. Right hand from Patricio. Curran tries to trip up Pitbull but can’t get him down. Right hand from Pitbull. Gotta think Pitbull was more active. After 4 we have it 39-37.

Round 5 – Touch of gloves to start the final round. Body kick from Curran. Curran starting to push the action. Pitbull gets a takedown in the middle of the cage. Curran to the guillotine but lets it go. Curran sweeps but the fighters get back to their feet. Curran tries to throw Pitbull but can’t get him down. Curran swinging. Body shot from Curran. Knee from Curran. Right hand by Pitbull. Curran puts together a three punch combo. Half a round to go . Stiff left from Pitbull. Low kick from Curran. Uppercut from Curran. Left hook lands from Pitbull. Pitbull knocks Curran down with a left. Curran back up. Left hand from Curran. Low kick from Pitbull. Right hand lands but countered by Curran’s jab. Minute to go. Right hand from Curran. Takedown by Pitbull. Both men swinging away. Pitbull lands a big right hand! Rounds over! 49-46 Pitbull but we go to the judges.

Official Decision -Patricio Pitbull def. Pat Curran by Unanimous Decision ( 48-47, 49-46×2)

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