Bethe Correia
Bethe Correia

Undefeated Bethe Correia has talked about having her sights set on Ronda Rousey but would have to go through Rousey teammate Shayne Baszler first. It would be Baszler’s first UFC fight since appearing on The Ultimate Fighter.

The first round was a good showing for Baszler. She was able to work her ground game and keep Correia from getting an offense going. She looked for a submission early but Correia was able to escape. Shayna kept chipping away and was able to get another takedown and make the first round hers.

The second round was a different story. Correia was able to get Baszler’s back against the fence and land some big shots. Baszler had nowhere to go and kept taking punch after punch. Correia was landing accurately and with power. Baszler was rocked but didn’t go down but John McCarthy stepped in and stopped the fight. It was a solid stoppage due to the fact that Baszler had no answer for the punches of “The Pitbull”.

Correia remains undefeated and of course mentions her wish of fighting Rousey. She is good but probably not on that level just yet. She has taken out two of Ronda’s pals so maybe it is a fight Ronda asks for.

Two to go on tonight’s card. Get caught up with all of the results here.


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