Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen and the majority of the people following the circus surrounding him recently had to have thought that he got off pretty easy following his most recent Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing. He had to reimburse the cost of his testing and expenses related in bringing in a doctor as well as agreeing to not compete in any other jurisdiction while he was serving a two year suspension.

Is a grappling match really the competition that they spoke of?

The California State Athletic Commission isn’t sanctioning or getting involved with Metamoris. So how can Nevada regulate or be involved with this? I thought they loved Sonnen and wanted to hang out or have some drinks with the retired fighter. is reporting that that the commission sent a letter to Sonnen this past week informing him that the grappling match violated the terms of his suspension.  What if Sonnen wanted to compete in a chess tournament? That technically is competition right? Would that violate his agreement? The answer is no. So whether it be grappling, chess or water polo, I don’t see how Nevada has a say in the matter.

Jeremy Botter of  tweeted this earlier as the news started to come in.


According to Botter, Sonnen has hired Las Vegas attorney Ross Goodman to represent him in this matter. As of now it appears that Sonnen still plans on grappling Andre Galvao this weekend at Metamoris 4. Nothing is coming out of the Metamoris camp as of yet so stay close to ProMMANow ( as this saga unfolds.

So do you think the NSAC members will still want to be friends with Chael after this? I am still confused!


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