bobby green wins
Bobby Green wasn’t even supposed to fight tonight. He was scheduled to fight next month but an injury to Michael Johnson opened up an opportunity to face Josh Thomson at UFC on FOX 12. Green made the most of that opportunity and earned a split decision victory.

The fight was close. Thomson and Green both snapped punches at each other. The energy was high for all three rounds. Green was landing significantly more than Thomson was. The hard part to judge was the damage. It wasn’t until the latter part of the third round that we saw either guy look hurt. A cut opened up on Thomson’s face.

Green was chatty throughout the whole fight. It was a great show of sportsmanship as well. Green inadvertently poked Thomson’s eye and after a brief halt to the action, they hugged and touched gloves. The both appeared to be having fun.

Following the announcement of scores, Green hit the canvas. He has been through a rough patch as of late. Most recently his brother was killed. This was his first fight in nearly eight months.

Thomson was obviously upset with the judging as was the crowd. This is back to back fights where Thomson probably did enough to win but the call didn’t go his way. What could be next for him?

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