Photo by Meghan Wonder for
Photo by Meghan Wonder for

A couple of hard charging lightweights entered the cage with bad intentions when Jorge Masvidal and Daron Cruickshank met at UFC on FOX 12. 

The round started off with Cruickshank drawing first blood with an amazing shot that dropped Masvidal. It wasn’t enough to keep Jorge down though as he popped back up. It appeared that Cruickshank was pushing the pace before Masvidal returned the favor and landed some good shots of his won. Masvidal had good control of the cage and kept Cruickshank backing up for most of the round. Both men threw some great kicks. Masvidal got a takedown with less than 10 seconds in the round and most likely got the edge after one.

Masvidal used a takedown early in the second round to set up a darce choke that looked ot be locked in tight.  Cruickshank fought it off but still found himself on his back. Masvidal was smothering on the ground and Cruickshank was pretty much stuck. Masvidal would sneak some shots in to keep it on the ground and win the round easily.

Cruickshank came to life early in the final round but found himself on his back about halfway through the round. Masvidal slowly worked some elbows in and was causing some damage. Masvidal worked some ground and pound late in the round. Cruickshank was able to get to his feet but not enough time to do anything.

Bruce Buffer announced the scores 29-28, 29-28 and 29-27 for Masvidal. The first round could have went either way but it was a great showing for Masvidal.

Going to the main card on FOX now! Check out the results and play by play of anything that you might have missed right here.


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