Dennis Bermudez
Featherweights Dennis Bermudez and Clay Guida had to be exciting right? Guida is always full of energy and Bermudez has been on a roll. Guida was coming off a fight of the night performance earlier this year while Dennis had put together a six fight winning streak. Bermudez made it seven straight tonight.

Bermudez was a step ahead of Guida during the first round. He was able to open up a cut under the eye of Guida after pressing him against the fence. A takedown cemented the round for Bermudez as he searched for a submission but couldn’t get it.

The second round started as Guida landed a right hand. Bermudez worked his jab and found success with some big shots.  Guida was able to connect with another big right hand but was dropped by Bermudez. Once down, Bermudez locked in a tight choke. From there it was tap, tap , tap a roo from Clay.

Bermudez extended his streak making it the longest current run in the featherweight division. Although he hasn’t been all that impressive in a few of his outings, he has commanded respect by putting together the wins like he has. He wants a top 5 fighter, let’s see who he gets next.

We are down to the final two scraps, if you have missed anything, we have you covered. Results and play by play updated in real time here.


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