UFC-Tonight-logoOn this week’s UFC TONIGHT, Kenny Florian and Chael Sonnen interview Jon Jones and Glover Teixeira prior to their UFC 172 title fight. Plus, they talk to Phil Davis, who also fights at UFC 172. Ariel Helwani adds reports.

UFC TONIGHT Host Chael Sonnen on Teixeira: “I was there the last time Glover lost, in Portland against Ed Herman in 2005. From that moment forward, he’s turned the corner. This is a tremendous success story. He’s trained with former champion Chuck Liddell. But visa issues kept him out of the country for a while. Now he’s arrived and he’s this close to a championship.”

UFC TONIGHT Host Kenny Florian on Teixeira: “He can go out there and beat you in myriad ways – can knock you out, take you down, submit you. We’ve seen what Alexander Gustafsson did to Jon Jones, and that must make Glover think he can do it, too.”

Sonnen on Teixeira: “He mixes it up well. He’ll start punching you and get you to cover up and then run you over and take you down. Chuck Liddell says if Glover gets Jon down, Jon will not get back up.”

Jon Jones on if he’s glad he’s fighting Teixeira instead of taking the rematch against Gustafsson: “I’m very happy with the choice. Glover hasn’t lost in five years. He’s an amazing wrestler, has power in both his hands. I’ve got a great fight in front of me. I feel really confident in the wrestling category. I respect his knockout power. We’re ready everywhere. I’m confident.”

Jones on Chuck Liddell’s support for Teixeira: “I know he’s supporting his guy. Liddell has said he’d beat me in the past. But come on Chuck, knock it off. I respect you. If Chuck wants to come out of retirement, I’d welcome him in a super-fight.”

Glover Teixeira on being overlooked at UFC 172: “It’s part of the game. After my fight with Bader, there was talk about me and Jon Jones fighting, and look at what happened to that fight. That fight was really close to getting made. I feel really confident that I’m going to take the belt on Saturday night.”

Teixeira on if Jones will regret fighting him over a rematch Gustafsson: “Yes, he will.”

Teixeira on how he’ll beat Jones: “I’ll keep it aggressive. I’ll keep the pressure on. I’ve got good wrestling. I’m confident in my power. I know if I touch him a couple of times he’s going to go down.”

Phil Davis on why he’s talking more about fighting Jon Jones than Anthony Johnson: “There’s four days before the fight and there’s a good chance that Jon Jones won’t make it to the fight. I’m not saying that he’s going to get hurt, but something might happen and he might pull out of this fight.”

Davis on who he’d like to fight next: “I still have to pay Rashad a visit. He’s hurt, and I love the guy. When you’re recovered, you might be next.”

Davis on if he feels he needs to get the title fight now or never: “It’s not now or never. I have plenty of years left in this game. I’d much prefer now. Give it to me now and let me beat up guys with that title for a long time.”

Insider Ariel Helwani on Cain Velasquez: “I spoke to his wrestling coach and he told me that Cain’s doctor cleared him to use his right hand in training two weeks ago, but he’s not sure if Cain’s ready to use the left hand yet. He’s not sure if he’ll be ready by November. He said he won’t rush into the fight that’s targeted for then. He won’t fight until he’s 100 percent. There’s talk of Cain coaching THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER Latin America, and the UFC has approached him about it, and they could film it in May in Las Vegas. It would be a likely scenario that he’d coach against Werdum now.”

Helwani with updates on Team Alpha Male: “Urijah Faber is expecting to fight on July 5th, but he has no opponent right now. It’s looking like Chad Mendes wants to fight on a PPV on August 2 against Jose Aldo. And Alexis Davis will train with Team Alpha Male to train some wrestling in preparation for her fight against Ronda Rousey.”

Helwani on who Hector Lombard wants to fight next: “He’s very eager to fight Nick Diaz, but he’s thinks Nick running from him, so he’d like to fight Patrick Cote. But Patrick has other plans and doesn’t want to fight Hector.”

Helwani on who Myles Jury wants to fight next: “I spoke to his manager. They’d like to fight Nate Diaz. If they can’t get that fight, he’ll sit on sidelines and would like to fight in August. Maybe they’d fight Jim Miller if he wins this weekend.”

Helwani on if Alexander Gustafsson will watch the Jones fight: “He’ll be watching the fights in Sweden. He predicts that Jones will use his range and pick apart Glover Teixeira, and he’s looking forward to the rematch.”

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