UFC-Tonight-logoThe following quotes are from tonight’s FOX UFC SATURDAY POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 2. The show was hosted by Jay Glazer, with UFC light heavyweight Chael Sonnen and Brian Stann providing analysis. Ariel Helwani conducted interviews on-site.

FOX UFC SATURDAY POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 2 Analyst Chael Sonnen on Werdum vs. Browne: “Werdum has been fooling all of us. He doesn’t have to take you down to beat you. He just Muay Thai’s you to death.”

FOX UFC SATURDAY POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 2 Analyst Brian Stann on Velasquez vs Werdum: “Cain’s the baddest man on the planet and he doesn’t have to take Werdum down to win that fight. Werdum’s cardio in the championship rounds answered a lot of things for me.”

Werdum on his upcoming fight against Cain Velasquez: “I’m very happy for the fight against Cain. It’s been my dream for a long time. Not against him, but for the belt. I’ve been working for it a long time. I respect him, but I just showed one more time why I want the belt.”

Werdum on Velasquez wanting to fight Browne: “Cain said he wanted to fight Travis Browne because he knows he could take him down and win the fight. But he knows when he takes me down, that’s the start of the fight.”

Werdum on if not fighting for a long time affected him in the fight: “I trained a lot for this. I want the belt. I trained every day, from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I never stopped training.”

UFC President Dana White on Werdum’s victory over Browne: “Werdum looked good tonight. He picked Browne apart. And in the first round, Werdum took a bomb. I thought the fight was over there. But he came back and he fought a great fight. Travis looked like he gassed out. The big question I have was how was Travis gassed out in the first two minutes of the first round? Werdum could have finished the fight. He played it safe at the end to get the shot at the title.”

White on if the Velasquez – Werdum title fight will be in Mexico: “We don’t go to Mexico without him. We’re still figuring it out with TUF Mexico. We’ve always said we’d go to Mexico City.”

White on Tate versus Carmouche: “I had that fight two rounds to one for Carmouche. You could make the argument that Liz didn’t do any damage to Tate. It’s not like this was a tragedy that the call went that way. The judging tonight was a little suspect the whole night.”

White on Cerrone’s victory: “He’s the man. He’s the show starter. He got rocked and then landed that jab right in Barboza’s face. I love Donald Cerrone. He has a great attitude. He’s a maniac. He was doing flips off Shaq’s wall into the pool during the press conference.”

Miesha Tate on the big cheers of the crowd for her tonight: “I actually feel so loved right now. The crowd really got me fired up with their cheering between rounds.”       

Tate on if she thought she was winning the fight: “I just started to turn the fight with my wrestling. She is so tough. She was turning purple and was going to go out before she tapped when I tried to submit her. The fight could have been a toss-up. I heard I did more damage in the round. I was closer to finishing the fight.”

Tate about winning her first fight in the UFC: “It was nice. I was going through a mental hurdle after losing two fights. I’m over that hurdle now. I was off in the first round. If I could have done in the third what I did in the first or second, I would have finished the fight.”

Tate on what she could have done differently in the fight: “I could have pushed the pace a little more. I had to tell Brian to get in there and smack me in between the rounds to get me going. Maybe he needs to smack me before every fight. I’m really balls to the wall starting my fights usually, but I was trying to be more technical this time. It’s a learning curve and I’m still getting used to it.”

Tate on who she’d like to fight next: “I think Sarah Kaufman would be a good fight. I lost that one in Strikeforce. How about Holly Holm? She wants to climb her way to the top, I’d be a great starting point.”

Donald Cerrone on his victory against Edson Barboza: “A lot of people try to end with strikes. I think that’s the time to get the submission. It started off bad, but turned out ok.”

Cerrone on if he was worried at the beginning of the fight: “Everyone knows that Cowboy starts slow. I took about 30 unanswered punches to get going.”

Cerrone on who he wants to fight next: “Anyone who wants to fight and sign the dotted line. I’m ready to go in Baltimore or Albuquerque. Whoever wants to make money. I’m going for six. Are there any hungry fighters who think they don’t get paid enough? Just sign on the line.”

Helwani on upcoming fights: “The UFC announced that they are going to Atlantic City, New Jersey on July 16 and Tulsa, OK on Saturday, August 23.

Helwani on a change on the UFC 172 main card: “I’ve heard that Bobby Green is out from the fight against Jim Miller. They’re looking for a new opponent for Miller.”

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