georges st-pierre headshot.1Former UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre has been enjoying his retirement since his decision win over Johny Hendricks back in November. The 32-year-old Canadian superstar has seemingly been living the life of an international playboy, traveling, partying, hangin’ with the ladies and eating well.

The admittedly “very wealthy” St-Pierre obviously doesn’t need to fight anymore to pay his bills. So what could possibly lure the former champ back into the Octagon?  St-Pierre tells Brazilian reporters because of his love of MMA he could return to fighting, but some things would have to change first.

St-Pierre’s words:

“For the love of the sport. Because of the UFC I’m very wealthy right now. I am where I am in my life because of the UFC. I’m very wealthy. They give me the life, the exposure that I have, the sponsorships and everything. If I ever come back it’s because of the love of the sport. If I come back things will have to change a little bit, otherwise I will not be interested to come back, but right now I’m glad to see things are going in the right direction.”

St-Pierre cited as one reason for his UFC departure was he felt there needed to be more stringent drug testing. With the NSAC’s recent ban on TRT, St-Pierre feels things are beginning to move in the right direction. Just how much change will it take for GSP to come back? He said “don’t blink”.

What do you think guys, if you  had that GSP money would you keep fighting?


St-Pierre also shared his thoughts on Anderson Silva making a comeback, why he’s picking Johny Hendricks to defeat Robbie Lawler and more. Watch the full interview below courtesy


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