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Cancer sucks. Imagine being a young 19 year old boy and knowing your days are numbered. That is exactly what Jake Stoneking is going through right now. Stoneking has rare form of brain cancer and the professionals say he has three months to live.

So what does a 19 year old kid who happens to be from the same town as Chael Sonnen put on his bucket list? Jake wants to go bear hunting, ride his motorcycle one last time and among other things, go to a UFC event. Things that many of us would take for granted he just hopes to experiece once or at least one more time.

Well Ariel Helwani made the plea in a tweet saying “Let’s get him to UFC 171”. The post did not fall on deaf ears.


How cool is that? Props to the good guys.  I hope that Lorenzo Fertitta and crew can get this young man there.

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