punkThis past Monday Night RAW event was held in Chicago, the home of CM Punk, who recently left the WWE after his contract had expired. There have been rumors of Punk possibly competing in MMA, possibly even the UFC, but so far those rumors have been shot down. There were also rumors Punk would make his WWE return on this week’s Monday Night RAW in his hometown. That didn’t pan out either, much to the dismay of the Chicago pro wrestling fans.

The stands were filled with signs and chants in support of Punk, but the 35-year-old former WWE Champion was nowhere to be found. Punk’s former manager, Paul Heyman, took to the ring mid-event to let the fans know who he blamed for Punk not being there — them!

Heyman’s rant:

“No one is more upset that you can’t see CM Punk perform in this ring tonight than I am. No one. … So what really happened, why isn’t CM Punk here tonight? Why won’t anybody talk about CM Punk anymore? Because there is a finger to point around here. There is someone to blame. There is someone to hold accountable why CM Punk just wouldn’t put up with it anymore. And ladies and gentleman there comes a time where you have to risk your own job security and point that finger of blame. … I point that finger at each and every single one of you. Oh you can boo me all you want. The truth hurts doesn’t it. The fact is when CM Punk was with me, CM Punk was the longest reigning WWE champion of the past 25 years. I provided CM Punk the bosom from which his soul could be nourished, and then you took him away from me. You made CM Punk your hero. You said you would give CM Punk your love, your affection, your respect, your affirmation. And how far did it get you? You didn’t just take CM Punk away from me, you took CM Punk away from yourselves.”

Heyman went on to blame The Undertaker as well and said Brock Lesnar will be the one to defeat The Streak and get revenge for him:

“I blame someone else as well [for CM Punk’s absence]. I blame The Undertaker. Because this entire downward spiral began when we couldn’t beat The Streak at last year’s Wrestlemania. And if anybody wants to carry a message to The Undertaker right now, carry this, ‘Paul Heyman wants revenge’. … There’s only one man that can conquer that Streak and he’s my best friend in the world. He is the Conqueror. He is the Beast Incarnate. He is Brock Lesnar.”

Following Heyman’s rant, Lesnar came out, screamed a lot, then went berserk on Mark Henry who came out to confront him. He also destroyed the announcers’ table and reportedly hit some fans with their monitors.

You can watch Heyman’s complete diatribe and Lesnar’s freak out over at Heyman Hustle. It’s also interesting to note the WWE posted a video from the evening of Heyman talking about Lesnar ending The Undertaker’s streak, but completely took out everything he said about CM Punk.

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