punkIn what can only be described as a whirlwind pro wrestling news day the CM Punk leaving WWE facts and rumors have been pouring out from various sources. It’s no secret that Punk wanted to headline a Wrestlemania and with Batista returning to take the spot, and Punk most likely feuding with Triple H culminating at Mania – he decided his dream was probably not going to come true anytime soon.

The WWE Even unfollowed CM Punk meaning that it is definitely official since the WWE believes so strongly about social media and its impact.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider wrote the following earlier:

“Former WWE and World champion CM Punk has been pulled from all advertising of WWE live events going forward after a meeting with WWEmanagement yesterday at the Raw taping in Cleveland, Ohio.

We have been working on details for the last 24 hours (as Dave Scherer and I noted on our respective Elite audios earlier today), but the belief among those who are willing to talk about the situation is that Punk is no longer factored into company plans. Punk is under contract to WWE through July.”

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy took to Twitter in support of CM Punk.

“So Punk allegedly walked out & quit WWE. Interesting. It’s impossible 2 understand the toll that job can have on you-unless you’ve lived it.”

“A “screw you” from Punk? NO. Punk’s gotta prioritize his own sanity & health. Sometimes WWE isn’t conducive to those two things.”

“From my experience- When you’re in constant physical pain, frustrated the majority of the time, & resent what u love, things have to change.”

Steve Austin is ready to discuss all the latest drama in WWE and will be taking phone calls for his podcast on Monday. He tweeted the following today:

“Monday I will be taking phone calls to discuss the latest drama at @WWE and get your thoughts on DB, Punk, etc. Stay tuned… #SAS”

CM Punk then acknowledged the support he has been getting, regarding the recent rumors, in a Tweet Monday evening.

“Thanks for all the support. Keep being you guys, it’s pretty cool.”

Stay tuned for more on this breaking news…

7 thoughts on “CM Punk leaves WWE; Full round up of details”
  1. CM Punk, Please don’t go…but try to find a way to make real change in the system! Even if it takes a bunch of WWE wrestlers to get behind you and leave with you…I believe a real wrestling organization can get rid of the cheating, the story-lines and make Professional Wrestling as real as it can possibly be!!!

    America just may be getting tired of all the cheating…of all the walk-outs of their favorite wrestlers…of all the owners and managers pushing their wants and their egos instead of letting the wrestlers abilities determine who the real Champions of Pro-Wrestling are!!!

    What would a real legitimate Pro-Wrestling League look like?!? Well, some things would have to be different……..like…….

    Having two Ref’s, one in the ring and one watching the monitors with the authority to overturn the in-ring Ref’s decision, would help stop any cheating. Then set up tournaments that include the entire roaster of Wrestlers in order to determine a true league World Wrestling Champion…

    Then, with a return to regional wrestling organizations, America can thus institute something legitimate…like instituting the days of a single real National Champion, a US Champion, an Intercontinental Champion, a World Heavy Weight Champion, the US Tag-Team Champions, the World Tag-Team Champions and the Woman’s Championship Belts. Each Regional Division would have there own regional Champions that would, at a given date, place and time, meet to determine the true Champion of Champions under each Belt title!

    I’m talking about a total revamping of Professional Wrestling that would either include the WWE or leave them in the dust of days gone by!!!

    It’s time to make Pro-Wrestling AS REAL AS PRO-WRESTLING CAN GET!!!

  2. The stars have aligned, TNA sign him and sign him the minute his 90 day no compete clause is finished. Have him lambaste Dixie for two or three months along with moving to Wednesday’s and culminate it with a Bound for Glory match vs. Jeff Hardy! You want to save your company you do that. You’d draw a million WWE butt tuggers every week and would pull an easy 2.0 Nielson and make Spike very, very happy! Batista ain’t CM and has about as much style as a Dump truck pimped out! I would even let Angle and his salary walk to sign him. Is it just me or has Angle’s character ran it’s course?

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